St.Lukes Clovelly

PROJECT Branding
CLIENT St.Lukes Clovelly
To create a brand image and identity that represents the vibrant and open community that is St Lukes Clovelly.
St Lukes Clovelly is an open community consisting of a wide range of people, from young families, youth groups to established locals from the area. We wanted to create a fun and dynamic identity that not only referenced the people that are a part of the St Lukes community but also reference the history and importance of the coastal lifestyle that is a large part of St Lukes philosophy.
The icon for the logo represents a ‘life buoy’ or ‘lifesaver’. The positive symbolism is referenced again with the use of bright colours and inviting copy. The icon itself also subtly references a cross in the negative space. The language used for the taglines is open and friendly without being overpowering or commanding. We wanted people to not only be interested, but to feel like they are part of a supportive community.